Your presence today is indicative of your desire for change in our country. And I mean real change! Change that is fundamental to the needs of real people- the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. You have gathered here- I imagine all of you must understand that that being your own employer is a viable alternative to working for someone else. And to many of you, this represents a transformation from being fed a fish everyday to being the one who catches the fish. Read More

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Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago

Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) is an accredited programme of Youth Business International (YBI) an international network of youth business programmes. With the support of the business community, YBTT helps young persons to work for themselves by providing access to business loans and business mentoring.
YBTT had its genesis in February 2000 during the visit of HRH The Prince of Wales to Trinidad and Tobago. It was incorporated as a Non-Profit Company and was registered as a charitable body in accordance with the Corporation Tax Act of Trinidad and Tobago. The company was officially launched in January 2001 and commenced its loan programme shortly thereafter.
Our principal partnership is with the business community. Directors of YBTT are all from the local business community and steer the organisation by seeking funding, participating in loan panels and building local and international support.
YBTT also encourages our corporate sponsors to place business mentors with each individual/business funded through our organisation. In doing so, the potential for business success is greatly improved.