YEPEC Project Results


The Youth Entrepreneurship Program for the Eastern Caribbean (YEPEC) was a three-year project, operational in the Eastern Caribbean to provide support for Youth Business International’s youth entrepreneurship program. The project supported young people to set up their own small businesses by providing business development services and mentoring in combination with (non-federal) lending. Regional activities were facilitated mainly by Youth Business Programmes (YBPs) through community building activities that formed a key component of the award.

The purpose of the YEPEC is to:

  1. To expand access to entrepreneurial support activities for young people throughout the Caribbean.
  2. To develop capabilities of Youth Business Programmes (YBPs) to deliver youth entrepreneurial support activities throughout the Caribbean.

Youth Business International1 is the implementation partner providing overall grant management of YEPEC program, alongside technical support to YBTs in enterprise skills development methodologies. YBI implemented YEPEC, in partnership with five Caribbean YBTs:

  • Barbados Youth Business Trust
  • Dominica Youth Business Trust
  • St Lucia Youth Business Trust
  • Youth Business St Vincent & Grenadines
  • Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago

Project Results Matrix

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