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Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) is a non-profit organization that is an accredited member of Youth Business International (YBI), a global network of youth business programs. YBTT was established in January 2001 and is registered as a charitable entity in accordance with Trinidad and Tobago’s Corporation Tax Act.


Our primary focus is on empowering young individuals aged between 18-35 who lack the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and contribute to their communities through self-employment. YBTT partners with the business community in both the public and private sectors to achieve our goal.


At YBTT, we recognize the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in secondary school students to ensure the sustainability of our initiatives. We work towards inspiring and empowering young minds to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams through targeted interventions.


In addition to our focus on youth entrepreneurship, we are also committed to promoting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We believe that incorporating ESG considerations in business practices is essential for long-term sustainable growth and the well-being of society. As part of this commitment, we work with our partners to encourage and support responsible business practices and sustainable entrepreneurship.


YBTT is proud to have a diverse team of experienced professionals in leadership positions for over five years. Our directors represent a range of business sectors, including Law, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Agriculture, Human Resources, and Entrepreneurship. A knowledgeable operations team led by a proficient General Manager supports the board to achieve our objectives.

Our Purpose

“Building a sustainable future through entrepreneurship.”


Our Vision

“Taking Entrepreneurship to the Next Level!”


Our Mission

“Empowering young entrepreneurs to build profitable and sustainable businesses.”


Strategic Priority Areas

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