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YBTT offers 20 years of sustained experience in youth entrepreneurship with a proven track record of supporting young entrepreneurs through customized training programs, diverse layers of mentorship and funding. The organization works closely with stakeholders in the national ecosystem as well as corporate Trinidad and Tobago by applying best practices, knowledge and technology to enhance available resources capable of satisfying the demands of young entrepreneurs.

Co-creating with our young entrepreneurs over the years would not have been successful or even possible in the absence of committed organizations locally, regionally and internationally who share our vision of taking entrepreneurship to the next level; 2020 proved to be a true test of creativity and innovation within the entrepreneurial community and, like YBTT, other stakeholders must stand at the forefront to continue holding the hands of our young entrepreneurs in their quest to either pivot and/or re-model their businesses.

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As we sail into 2021, we’re inviting the CORPORATE COMMUNITY to join with us and DONATE towards fulfilling this virtuous mission in helping our YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS augment their entrepreneurial journey.

Your contribution would positively impact not only the young entrepreneurs, but the broader socio-economic environment of Trinidad and Tobago!

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