GEW Media Launch: Remarks Mr. Julian Henry, CEO, NEDCO

GEW Media Launch: Remarks Mr. Julian Henry, CEO, NEDCO




On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management of the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited, I am pleased to congratulate the YBTT on the successful launch of another instalment of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Trinidad and Tobago. The National Entrepreneurship Development Company (NEDCO) is delighted to once again partner with you as we launch the GEW 2015.


As you know, NEDCO is charged with the development of our citizens by empowering individuals and communities to attain financial independence through Entrepreneurship, with special focus on the small business owner. We recognise the importance of organisations like the YBTT and the Global Entrepreneurship Week programme in providing additional support to local entrepreneurs.


NEDCO remains committed to this partnership as we believe there is an opportunity for effective synergies among all the players in the local Entrepreneurship landscape. This will serve to cement the desire to harness the still largely untapped creative potential of our citizens and develop a sustainable sector which can be a viable alternative revenue stream to our national economy – especially given the present environment of decline which the market is currently facing.


This I believe is now the most important mission for Trinidad and Tobago.


We must understand how important it is to diversify our economy and create new industries that will replace the oil and gas sector as the main revenue earner for our economy. Now is the time to develop entrepreneurship.


We also need to appreciate that this is one of, if not the most important missions for Trinidad and Tobago for the next ten to fifteen years. That is, to discover and develop the next “big” industry.


In order to achieve this we must as a nation, create a clear pathway, with a clear starting and end point, through which each new entrepreneur can follow, without confusion, uncertainty or the lack of proper information or guidance about where to go and what type of service he/she should receive.


To create this pathway, we must therefore coordinate all the components; and they already exist; NEDCO, YBTT, i2i, CARIRI, UTT, Arthur Lok Jack, YTEPP etc, into a singular, instructive, non-competitive, seamless entity that delivers – in the proper sequence and proportions – to the Entrepreneur.


The only challenge or limitation to the developing, eager young entrepreneur should be the level of creativity and hard work that they are willing to put into their business idea.


NEDCO has a very clear vision for Entrepreneurship and is serious and focused on service and development of quality products and quality clients.


We shall continue to work together with the YBTT on this and any other venture where we can share NEDCO’s expertise in the area of Training, Business Advisory, Mentorship and Financing to the Small and Micro Entrepreneur.


Once again I will like to thank you for extending an invitation to NEDCO to be part of this Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 and wish you every success.


I thank you.