Quotes from Influencers

Quotes from Influencers

“Young entrepreneurs should use this time to research ideas in whatever areas of interest and also reach out to experts in the field for increased knowledge and support.”

~ Vishnu Charran, President, Chaguanas Chamber of Industry & Commerce

“Young entrepreneurs need to know what they’re good at, work towards developing further and be willing to take the required risks.”

~ Dr. Jamille Broome, UWI Lecturer & Employment & Labour Law Consultant

“The importance of your circle cannot be under-estimated.”

~ Jerome Chambers, President of the Association of Compliance Professionals of Trinidad & Tobago

“Creation begins with destruction; as some things fall apart there is room for new ideas and fresh growth…room for youthful innovation! We are moving into a different world…new problems need new solutions. New challenges invite us to develop innovative approaches. That’s where I come in!”

~ L. Anthony Watkins, CEO/Principal Consultant, Odyssey CONSULTinc Organizational Development Consultant

“Get prepared! Big opportunities lie ahead!”

~ Dr. Ronald Ramkissoon, Senior Economist, Chairman, Trinidad & Tobago Fair Trading Commission.

“Let’s think about moving forward – not rushing back to anything that’s in the past, but rather visioning the future that we want to make possible, and letting each step we take in the present bee a seed we plant with love, hope and trust.”

~ Dale Laughlin, YBTT Chair and Life Coach.

“Because young entrepreneurs are well endowed on the use of technology as well as a unique ability to navigate the national ecosystem, the COVID-19 crisis presents an excellent opportunity to re=position entrepreneurship and re-configure business models that are more sensitive to the environment such as farming and animal husbandry which are in greater demand globally.”

~ Dr. Indera Sagewan, Consultant in Competitiveness & Innovation, Lecturer at the University of the West Indies.

“While the current times are tough for many of us, let’s make a commitment to help each other more as we move forward. Solidarity is key for us to leverage this crisis to become an opportunity for renewal, digital innovation and to build resilience as a nation! As it is said – This too shall pass! We are in this together and will emerge together, even stronger!”

~ Navin Dookeran, Cheif Executive Officer Export-Import Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (EXIM Bank)

“Some men see things as they are and ask why – but I dream things that never were and ask why not.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

“I am pleading with the nation to adhere to the “stay-at-home” orders to quickly flatten the curve; as we pray at this time, our heart are with the non-essential business owners, small entrepreneurs and employees who are negatively impacted but these measures are in the interest of saving lvies. Let’s work together as a united nation to combat this invisible enemy.”

~ Rajiv Diptee, President of the Supermarket Association of Trinidad & Tobago

“During World War I and II, the world was in a similar situation, touch times, frustration and isolation and COVID-19 would soon pass. I am appealing to young entrepreneurs who may be mentally perturbed or financially challenged at this time to reach out to the various organizations or NGO’s offering support including the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services; make good use of your time by researching online for the particular type of support needed.”

~ Dr Varma Deyalsingh, Independent Senator and President of The Association of Psychiatrists of Trinidad & Tobago