As entrepreneurs swim in a sea of uncertainty, their thirst for knowledge keeps widening with some even grasping at straws to ensure that they capture the best catch! With so many so-called social media pundits spewing information by the ton loads, wisdom must step in to help in deciding what is credible and what is not.

Let’s take you on a journey that can assist in streamlining what comes to you and what should be accepted or rejected. You must first verify the source and research its credibility; then proceed to filter the information which requires setting up processes that can aid in categorizing and responding to data; do a brain dump to get the unnecessary stuff out of your head whilst jotting down important notes.

Whilst you need to remain informed, experts warn that individuals must pay close attention to elevated feelings of anxiety. “Consuming an overwhelming amount of information and possibly difficult news can negatively impact one’s mental health,” says Canadian psychiatrist, Dr Carolyn Boulos. But how can you conquer all of this?

Start by limiting the amount of time spent, reading or listening to new information about the pandemic; be mindful of misinformation coming from unreliable sources; choose trusted sources to obtain information updates as well as new business techniques that can salvage and/or reconfigure your business; identify at least three (3) credible sources that can share both psychological and business-related information.

Develop strategies to disconnect from fake news and social media distractions – some of these include switching off notifications on your phone; learning a non-digital hobby; engage in a fun activity daily like reading, listening to music or exercising; don’t listen and/or read the news just before bedtime as that may prevent you from getting a good night’s rest; establish a daily routine for self-care, and most importantly, ensure that your networks are heavily infused with the potential to uplift you and your business!

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