Burgess Mathematics Classes is a Trinidad-based company that offers Mathematics reinforcement lessons from the primary level to the tertiary level. The company is currently a sole proprietorship; however the business plans to change its organizational form within the next year or two. The company exists to help students, as a unique and innovative approach to teaching Mathematics is utilized. Therefore students will connect to the subject, Mathematics that they need to master.

Burgess Mathematics Classes was founded by me, La Toya Burgess. I initially and primarily tutored Mathematics privately in 2006. Then I expanded my business by utilizing the washroom area of my home to teach four (4) persons whilst still conducting private tutoring sessions at ones home. I graduated from The University of Trinidad and Tobago completing my Bachelor of Education Specializing in Mathematics for Secondary School. Hence I would be theoretically prepared to deliver and meet the needs of my potential clients. Although the company has been informally existed for the last seven years, it serves now as a pillar for students in need of Mathematics guidance and assistance. I have operated this business under part-time conditions and now I am ready to concentrate on developing it into a more efficient source of revenue while retaining the joy of teaching that attracted me to this business. I bring a wealth of academic excellence as well as a proven record of excellence in the subject area of Mathematics.

The first step of the transformation of my business was that of my encounter with the Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago. I received a non-refundable grant as a result of the submission of my business plan, which was used in the aid and the development of the business both by the refurbishment of the physical room and as well the resources needed to deliver. I was also paired with an excellent coach and mentor Mrs. Jennifer Gibbons- Joseph, of which the wealth and knowledge shared would have impacted positively on my business.

La Toya Burgess


Telephone numbers: 783-0758, 374-1480, 662-8904
Email address: burgessl87@gmail.com
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