Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago (YBTT) Carving out his dream

From a qualified primary schoolteacher to the owner of a successful wood-working business, 35-year-old Satyan Sagramsingh is a perfect example of a true entrepreneur – an individual who pursues his passion and takes calculated risks.

Sagramsingh, another of Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago’s (YBTT) success stories, described the YBTT experience as rewarding and empowering.

“The main reason why I approached the organisation, is the after-care support and the mentorship programme offered which helped me tremendously,” he said. He holds an Associate Degree in Project Management and also pursued several courses in networking and computer repairs.

Sagramsingh’s entrepreneurial testimony is diverse. He remained in the teaching profession for seven years, then left to further his studies in information technology.

However, Sagramsingh always had a passion for the sawmill industry in which he worked for a short period. His thirst to continuously acquire new knowledge about the industry kept growing, hence his attendance at the annual trade show in July 2008 which was hosted by the International Woodworking Federation in Atlanta, USA.Upon his return from the trade show, Sagramsingh’s love for woodworking increased.

“I’d do the woodworking whilst looking for a job in the IT field. I purchased basic tools, and was able to build a clientele,” he said.

Today, SLS WoodWorking is an established business entity fully outfitted with sophisticated tools and equipment. Sagramsingh is also cognisant of the importance of using appropriate technology to provide the highest level of customer service for his clients.

His tool collection includes a computer numerical control tool for the purposes of 3D carving and a small moulder for wood moulding.

“In addition to the self-fulfilment and satisfaction that you receive from being an entrepreneur, you are also in control of your own destiny,” said Sagramsingh.

From the establishment of the business since 2010, his major support comes from his family and his significant other. As he puts it, “They have all contributed to the success of the business to date.”

He has a huge vision for the business which is also influenced by continuous research in the industry.

“I intend to become fully involved in mouldings and eventually establish my own sawmill,” he said.

Sagramsingh’s simple advice to potential young entrepreneurs: “You have to try and don’t be afraid to fail.”


By: Sandrine Rattan

Project Co-ordinator – Stakeholder & Media Relations (YBTT)


Published in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015