Maximizing the eminence in Mentorship – Donna-Luisa Eversley

Maximizing the eminence in Mentorship – Donna-Luisa Eversley

The Power of Unlocking!

Donna-Luisa possesses a creative spirit and moves with faith!! According to Donna-Luisa “everything is done in faith and I believe that everyone has an innate capacity for greatness; that’s embedded in our DNA and only YOU the INDIVIDUAL can unlock your truest potential.” Donna-Luisa’s love for helping entrepreneurs unlock their capacity for heroism… ”Reaching all young entrepreneurs along their journey is not good enough. I want to be the person to get their journey aligned with their capacity.” Donna-Luisa admits “there are lots of opportunities out there for every entrepreneur – and there’s also a dollar value attached to those opportunities.”

The Mentorship Experience!

Donna-Luisa shared the beginning “there’s a man called Ganesh Sahadeo who I’ve known for many years who owns a company that produces zippers; he is also on the Board of Habitat for Humanity; he was my biggest influence in becoming a mentor; he planted hope, valued my efforts and showed me purpose.”

Donna- Luisa became a YBTT Mentor in November 2020! She reminisced “I always wanted to leave a legacy so I started blogging on Linked-In which saw individuals reaching out to me from India, Norway and Sweden.” She also uses social media platforms to advance entrepreneurs’ business.

But how did Donna-Luisa connect with YBTT? “A friend told me that YBTT was looking for mentors and I connected with the organization immediately; since then I’m able to properly nurture young entrepreneurs to flesh out their business ideas.” For Donna-Luisa, YBTT met that undying need for her to help young persons which is aimed at achieving a much larger goal – which is her love for VOLUNTEERING!

The Mentee Affair!

Donna-Luisa declared upfront that “I’m only interested in working with young entrepreneurs who are serious about making money.” Her mentee – Shareiss Boyd depicts just that! “Shareiss wants her business to become commercialized but also wants to work towards doing more. I conducted 12 to 15 sessions with her within the 2 months with each session lasting about 90 minutes.” According to Donna-Luisa “in the first month, Shareiss experienced growth and in the third month she soared.”

Closing Message:

“Mentorship is a secret weapon that was used ages ago when older residents in the villages would offer words of wisdom to young persons.” Donna-Luisa added “young entrepreneurs need experienced professionals as their sounding boards of encouragement to succeed.”