Time and money never seem to be adequate for anyone but in this new dispensation, time may have surpassed money! Because their brain is always spewing new ideas, entrepreneurs often complain of not having enough time to fulfill their entrepreneurial passion; some even hope and pray that one day they’d wake up to a 48-hour day rather than 24.

Be that as it may, the challenge remains developing an uncanny ability to manage time using smart strategies; with the old adage “time waits on no man”, it’s advisable for young entrepreneurs to begin opening up their arms and welcome some important time management tips. Begin by using every resource available to support your business – though this is seemingly obvious, many entrepreneurs miss golden opportunities; seizing the moment to understand the resources at your disposal would save a lot of time and mistakes in the long run.

Create a priority list of tasks whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly; a priority list is deemed the greatest master of time accomplishment! Don’t be afraid to ask questions as this is perhaps the most critical aspect of managing time effectively as an entrepreneur. Seeking information from individuals who’re more knowledgeable on a subject matter saves a considerable amount of time.

Maintaining a schedule goes without saying; learn to stay focused even when multi-tasking; most importantly, start auditing your time on a daily basis which would help in monitoring and measuring goals set for a particular day and/or time. Last but by no means least – always set aside some unstructured time to take care of any unforeseen situations.

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