With social distancing being the new world order coupled with a bundle of health and safety protocols, online platforms have now become our best friends; in fact, social media is now deemed to be man’s lifeline!

But for young entrepreneurs, social media must move beyond just plain old “likes” and transition into connecting with customers in a targeted and strategic way. So essentially instead of waiting for customers to come to you, you  can actually meet them in the middle of the social networking ocean that lends to easier interaction.

The beauty about social media is that it costs nothing to create a mind-blowing presence on every available platform; be mindful though that quantity does not always translate into quality so it’s important to know which networking site would help in reaching your target market. For example if most of your customers are on Facebook and Instagram then expend your energies on those two (2) platforms.

Your social media presence allows you to build community and express your brand that would be aligned with the desired public perception both offline and online as consistency is key; it should also be reflective in the content you publish and the way you connect with your audience. Having one-on-one conversations with your customers or having them jump in on conversations on your page is excellent in building  relationships.

Social networking opens doors for customers to share feedback that can be positive, negative or simply constructive.


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