Accelerating Entrepreneurs Through Digitalization Webinar

Welcome to YBC's Accelerating Entrepreneurs Through Digitalization Webinar

The “Accelerating Digitalization In Entrepreneurship” webinar represents an interactive framework to bring together pioneers in digital technology who will be covering how you can harness digitalization and technology for business success. This session is comprehensive and meant to give entrepreneurs the knowledge and necessary tools to successfully operate in the digital world, by starting with the digitalization journey and then using fintech solutions and optimization of digital operations. Not only will the event prove to be of benefit to the beginners but even experienced entrepreneurs deserve to participate.

Webinar Format


The session is scheduled for March 13, 2024, at 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM La Paz time.


Please note that attendance certificates will not be issued for this webinar.




Zoom – Live sessions would be conducted via Zoom.


The Panelists for this Webinar are:

Phillip Jackson

  • Role: Advisor
  • Company: Innovation and Digital Business Caribbean Export
  • Topic: How to find out where you are on the Digitalization Journey.

Martin Hanna

  • Role: CEO and Co-Founder
  • Company: Penny Pinch Inc.
  • Topic: Leveraging Fintech for Revenue growth.

Marlon George

  • Role: Operations Manager
  • Company: Digicel Anguilla
  • Topic: Cyber Security and Data Protection: A must for MSME’S.

Robert Tonge

  • Role: CEO
  • Company: Tonge Commerce
  • Topic: How to improve your online presence for huge profits.