Ambitious Media Productions | Jabari Winchester

Ambitious Media Productions | Jabari Winchester

Ambitious Media Productions was founded by Jabari Winchester in 2011. The company will introduce the high definition (HD) visual effects in the event videography coupled with customised digital audio recording and effects and ideas to take the event videography and audio production to a different level.

The business is an ever-growing opportunity with almost every event planner, party promoter or even couples getting engage or marriage wanting to spend a budgeted amount to making these memories everlasting. Also whilst the music industry in Trinidad is ever-growing, it still lacks skilled labour.The business aims to capture and expand the audio, video and photo event market.

My journey as an entrepreneur is very interesting as its keeps elevating in the direction that was projected. With the influx of digital media format, videography technology upgraded every three months with a rapid demand of it service. With the schooling I received from UTT on being an entrepreneur, finds this niche product and services wasn’t much of task. As i ventured into audio production, the request by the actual consumer was “we need visual”. Basically the consumer wanted to relate to the audio or music that was being listen on a regular. So with all this no so expensive technology at hand, the actual workforce was a drive by it self. Experience was the key to knowing what clients want. doing a lot of free jobs gave me the opportunity to get access to a lot of resources in the industry. YBTT was very helpful and in the right time. they guide me on how to make a financial projection and see if it would be a beneficial business. with the loan process being very reasonable and open across the board, funds was acquired to make my first start -up of purchasing the necessary tools. After having all these tools and clientele started to coming in rapidly, a bigger and better business location was required and YBTT was also able to access. i must say YBTT is a very contributing company to your economy in Trinidad and Tobago for youth aspiring business owners.


Jabari Winchester

Ambitious Media Productions

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