In her earlier years, Shauna worked with several small businesses and those experiences helped in shaping her entrepreneurial journey! “Those experiences taught me a lot as I didn’t realize how challenging it was to start my own business” said Shauna. She continued “I started my business in 2013 with a friend which didn’t work out, and in 2014 I worked with the Hotel Normandie for ten (10) months managing the market place and the evolution began.”

Life-Changing Moments!

The disappointments that surfaced from her various business experiences prior to 2016 placed Shauna in a space of reflection in 2017 which helped her to re-start. “The year 2018 saw the birth of the Flour Bag Baking Company Limited out of those reflective moments. I looked at the health challenges in my family and did some experimenting combining different types of gluten-free flour.” This was the true beginning of success which led to market observations in terms of what’s available.

From April 2018 to October 2019, the company offered finished baked goods along with two types of muffins, banana bread, traditional white loaves, brownies and blondies. But with transformative changes in market trends, the company’s focus shifted in November 2020. According to Shauna “market research and observations caused a major shift to producing mixes that include an original pancake and waffle mix, a herbs and spices pancake and waffle mix and a home-styled bread mix; these products would not only have a longer shelf-life but greater ability to be accommodated in convenient retail locations.”

Shauna further explained “we thought that the introduction of mixes would make it easy for persons interested in being part of the gluten-free experience which can be a costly process.”

Shell LiveWIRE Changed the Game!​

Shauna was interested in further developing herself as a business owner and that interest was fulfilled by the Shell LiveWIRE Programme. She added “I was also encouraged to enroll in the programme and there was a need for structure in my business.” “Believing in myself and removing self-doubt was a one of the major takeaways” said Shauna.

“Speaking with the trainers had an amazing impression and in particular Francis Lewis who positively impacted both me and my business.”

Looking Ahead!

“Currently my products are in Price Club Supermarket, Chaguanas and the Gourmet Genie in San Fernando” said Shauna. With an ambitious outlook, Shauna is currently engaged in conversations with other stores, and also in the process of adding to her product line!


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