The Beginning

Jonathan Barran’s story is filled with motivation and optimism for both existing and young and upcoming entrepreneurs. “I was a personal banker from 2014 to 2016 with a focus on loans, banking accounts and investments; whilst doing that I recognized that it was easy for salaried persons to get caught in a credit trap.” Jonathan was determined to find a solution to address this credit trap.

After observations and research he realized that he had to find a second stream of income and it’s at this point Jonathan began his entrepreneurial journey “Whilst working at the bank I purchased a second-hand four-ton truck and hired someone to do furniture deliveries that I got a contract for.” However, the truck repair expenses far outweighed profits, so Jonathan was forced to give up the venture. 


The journey continues “Following this experience, I left the bank, went back to school to pursue my Masters and also started working in the family business.” In 2017, Jonathan launched his own business Motion TV Marketing which started off as an advertising company encouraging companies to place ads on screens. “I got the screens up but was not getting advertisers so I decided to cut my losses and went back to the drawing board”

In 2018, Jonathan got the idea of Shopping Cart advertising where advertisers can have their brands featured on shopping carts of supermarkets “In 2019 I visited Pennysavers Supermarket and launched the concept. This concept proved successful as companies began signing up.” As Jonathan pursuits became amplified, he decided to diversify “I decided to launch a Waiter Notifier System for restaurants in 2020 but right after getting my first client the Covid-19 Pandemic caused me to lose both my Shopping Cart and restaurant contracts.”

Shell LiveWIRE Experience - A Turning Point

For Jonathan, the Shell LiveWIRE programme knocked at this door at the right moment “I got into the programme at a point when I was looking to pivot and re-structure my service offerings.” YBTT Chair and Life Coach, Mrs. Dale Laughlin received high praise from Jonathan. 

”The coaching lasted for three (3) months during which time Mrs. Laughlin encouraged me to become client centered, creative and innovative; the programme also provided me with a safe environment to bounce off ideas. I had the ideas but Mrs. Laughlin helped me to flesh them out through conversations.”

Jonathan described his defining moment “when I received the grant in December 2020, within three (3) days I purchased new advertising frames as I changed the service offering to be more attractive and with the remaining cash, I hired YBTT Director and Marketing Consultant, Natalie Alcantara who provided me with coaching throughout the first quarter of 2021.”


The turnaround began for Jonathan when he received more than one new advertising contract from corporate clients to advertise in supermarkets. “I felt truly blessed having struggled through 2020 losing all contracts to now in 2021 having more than one company sign-up!”.

Looking Ahead

In spite of the pandemic new beginnings were on the horizon for Jonathan The shopping cart advertising took flight; right now, there’s a greater need for advertising in “essential” shopping spots like supermarkets”. I’m also still working on the notifier system by applying the restaurant waiter calling concept in retail stores to call a CSR for assistance with the press of a button.”


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