JumpSTART to the rescue – Dareem Jeffery

JumpSTART to the rescue – Dareem Jeffery

Getting Started

Dareem’s entrepreneurial journey began initially when he needed support in fleshing out an idea..”I needed support and also wanted to tap into the right connections to help in the evolution of my business idea which was a car wash.” Dareem quickly lauded YBTT The YBTT team understood my needs at that time and assisted with funding of  my business.” It was a hand-holding experience as the evolution continued “YBTT connected me to the then ‘Sky’s-The-Limit” platform where I spoke to 13 mentors and settled with Reggie Ramlochan” said Dareem.

The JumpSTART Experience

Dareem extols YBTT’s Training Officer, Jonathan Khan for introducing him to the JumpSTART Programme ..”Jonathan introduced me to JumpSTART during the Covid Lockdown in July/August 2020 which was an ideal moment for me.”

Pre-JumpSTART I had a concept in my head with nothing fleshed out in a structured way. I was naïve and just thinking about that idea.” 

Post-JumpSTART “I had a structure and purpose as to what an ideal business entails. JumpSTART provided answers to important questions.”

Dareem shared three (3) important JS take-aways:

  1. It provides clarity, structure and purpose
  2. Helps with knowing and understanding your IDEAL CUSTOMER.
  3. Helps knowing and understanding what resources are necessary for an ideal business, and the ability to bring it to market.

The Current Situation

Through JumpSTART the business got started “I signed a lease agreement on December 15, 2020 and immediately after, began applying for grants; funders were asking the same questions that JumpSTART had answered for me.” Dareem added “In developing proposals, I crafted the information needed around the business model canvas.”

The Business Model Canvas – Big Win for JumpSTART!

The customer segment definitely positively impacted Dareem’s thinking – “This learning has assisted me in properly targeting my market and to effectively develop my channels. JumpSTART has also taught me how to pivot thereby creating additional revenue streams.”

Message for Young Entrepreneurs

JumpSTART is an important programme that ALL YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS should participate in” said Dareem. He is urging young entrepreneur to not feel intimidated by the hard questions that are necessary for improving the structure and purpose of their business. In closing “JumpSTART provides that most important foundation needed to properly develop your business.”