With 14 years under his belt in the Oil and Gas industry coupled with his expertise as a Transformational Life Coach, Reggie Ramlochan seems to have unearthed his passion! “From the time I started working, co-workers would often approach me for advice on both personal and work-related issues” said Reggie. He recounted his life experience as one that propelled him to become a mentor to others. The mentorship journey between Reggie and his mentees – Christine Roberts and Dareem Jeffrey is even on both sides as he is proud of their personal strides and business growth and by the same token, they both boast of the invaluable advice and support that they’ve been privileged to receive.  As he puts it “whilst they both possess different characteristics, they understand the journey and vision they’re seeking to accomplish.”

Reggie believes that a Mentor should be caring and be willing to help their mentees to realize their dreams and aspirations without taking control; support  from the mentor should not go beyond positioning and helping in their mentees’ accomplishment as going further, would appear to be encroaching on their thought processes and personal space.

In describing the Sky’s The Limit platform, Reggie stated “the platform provides a great level of freedom for mentors to connect with mentees at the broadest level; it’s beneficial to all users given its broad capacity for inter-connectivity.” With some thoughts circling in his head to enhance STL I’d like to see a circular motion on the platform where mentors can do leadership training and create a rubric that mentors can transfer to mentees which can evolve in an awesome experience for all parties.”

Reggie commends YBTT on the timely introduction of the Group Mentorship initiative which he describes as a safe space for mentees to share their challenges and seek out the relevant assistance from mentors.  He views commitment by all mentors and mentees as a critical success factor of this initiative.

Reggie advises young entrepreneurs to take a page from the stoic philosophy – understand things from where they are and not make them worst; use this time of the Covid-19 crisis to plan ahead and identify new avenues.”


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