Our Journey in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development

Our Journey in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development

YBTT’s story in 2023 is one of fostering a brighter future through sustainable entrepreneurship. Propelling entrepreneurs to embrace circular economy principles, integrate social responsibility, and make a positive impact on our communities and the planet.

Waste Management Accelerator

Our Waste Management Accelerator, in collaboration with Circulate Capital and Siel Environmental Services Limited, served as fertile ground for nine businesses. This accelerator nurtured their transition to a circular economy model through a blend of:


Self-paced eLearning: Sagana’s platform offered nine modules and 31 sub-modules, tailored to the specific needs of Circular Economy Entrepreneurs.


Peer-to-peer Learning: Eight virtual fireside sessions fostered knowledge exchange and peer support. Each session, featuring expert speakers, delved into critical topics like Business Strategy, Impact Marketing, and Innovation.


Individual Mentorship: Dedicated mentors provided personalized guidance and support, helping participants navigate challenges and chart a course for success.


The program’s impact echoes in the words of its participants:

The Waste Management programme provided the key information that has ensured the continued success of my company ~ Alan of Ecocell.

The mentorship sessions and practical insights have propelled my company forward. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking success in the waste management industry. ~ Jerome of Jacobs Waste & Environmental Services Ltd.

Sustainability Toolkits with YBI

With the support of Youth Business International, YBTT empowered both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in the social and environmental space. This was done through the piloting of two toolkits.

The Sustainability and Governance Toolkit was piloted with 15 YBTT alumni, providing specially designed tools to help entrepreneurs implement sustainable practices in areas like Inclusion, Financial Sustainability, Supply Chain Sustainability and Establishing an Advisory Board.

YBI’s Social and Environmental Toolkit, in collaboration with the Barbados Youth Business Trust, was piloted with 86 entrepreneurs. 18 tools, covering everything from Social Business Model Canvas, SDG Impact Wheel, Assumption Learning Card, Theory of Change to Accessing Finance, empowered participants to translate their passion into impactful ventures.

I had a limited understanding of what sustainability truly meant. This program opened my eyes to its holistic nature, encompassing both environmental and social responsibility. ~ Marsha of Supreme Bites

The Social and Green Toolkit was a game-changer. The problem-solving strategies I learned will transform my approach to creating positive change. ~ Micah of COMPOST-Inn

These pilot programs are merely the first steps in YBTT’s ongoing journey towards sustainable entrepreneurship development. We are constantly innovating and expanding our resources to ensure that every entrepreneur has the tools and support necessary to build a thriving business that benefits both people and the planet.