It’s something we can’t escape – the fear of crisis both in our personal and corporate space. Life was designed to challenge our fortitude as well as question our ability to stand the test of time, and therein lies the importance of preparedness.

Many would argue that the Covid-19 basket offered some extraordinary lessons that can be useful for renewed navigation, as being prepared has always been the best key to leading both a successful life and business. Global crises are inevitable and so, it’s useful to employ some strategic tips to help in managing adversity which also enhances personal strength and confidence.

It’s never too late to prepare so start creating a mindset aimed at reconfiguration, and capitalize on relevant support available from multiple resources within the public and private sectors; take notes of the measures you wish you had known and/or taken before the crisis and plan ahead for unforeseen events that may occur. Asking for help as a young entrepreneur may seem daunting but it’s amazing how additional support works wonders in strengthening the business psyche.

Brainstorming positive and strategic ideas may be exigent in the midst of hardships as negatives spiral faster; but business challenges that emerge during crises present tremendous possibilities to embark on a brainstorming session with your team; it’s also an ideal platform to transition bad situations into sustainable business opportunities.

Defiance reminds us to be appreciative, to slow down and reminisce on the reasons behind the start of our entrepreneurial journey!

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