SLW Experience: Lyndi Jordan

SLW Experience: Lyndi Jordan


Ms. Lyndi Jordan

Lyndi Jordan, Production Director at Aurora Bitayson Limited, boasts of her success as one of the entrepreneurs in Cohort 2 of the Shell LiveWIRE programme since January 2020; in describing her experience, Lyndi cited some of the valuables “from the beginning it has been extremely wonderful and I am eternally grateful to Shell Trinidad and Tobago and Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago for this life-changing opportunity; every single training session offers a wealth of information; in fact, I think the programme is too rich in content.”  She believes that the conversations coupled with the self-learning and self-awareness aspects are incredibly useful as they focus on both the entrepreneur and the business.

Lyndi expresses deepest gratitude for being able to gain important insights around brand awareness and brand positioning as she states “the LiveWIRE programme has provided me with learnings to better understand these areas because for the past year or so, I have been casting products in too wide a net which resulted in wasted time and effort.” She also noted the importance of “Capacity Building” and “Financial Planning” which according to her, revealed different perspectives including reconfiguration of business models and strengthening relationships with suppliers.

Aurora Bitayson Limited, a successful family business, spans across three (3) generations with her grandparents who started the business in the 1950s; the business continues to grow phenomenally and has now evolved into the production of wines, syrups and jellies. Because of the learnings gleaned from the LiveWIRE programme, Lyndi expects to be able to scale up within the next year or so, something she has been struggling to achieve. She believes that “every entrepreneur who has been in business for at least two (2) years should get a taste of the LiveWIRE experience.”

Moving forward, Lyndi’s trek towards diversifying her business is apace with the cultivation of extra coconut plants and other crops as well as production of new products. Lyndi is strongly convinced that SMEs must become more vigilant in scanning the environment; she also believes that having sustainable contingency plans in place is a must.