A Family Affair

Keira Morris quickly shared “all my family members own businesses on my mother’s side and I always had an unceasing LOVE for business hence I studied business subjects in secondary school.” Founder and Owner of “Bless Hand Events” which has been in operation for the past three (3) months,  Keira also pursued a decorating course and currently does event decorating. I believe in pleasing my customers and my vision is to become the best events decorator in Trinidad and Tobago.”

JumpSTART Moments

According to Keira “before JumpSTART I did not know much about running a business; however, post JumpSTART, I can boast about the importance of the Business Model Canvas.” She added “I also learnt that the customer is our main target and that they should be treated fairly and with respect. I also learnt about the different mediums to reach my customers to ensure that they’re always satisfied.”

Following her pitch presentation, Keira created some unique edibles “I used the kids and adults in my community to support the sale of my baked products – cinnamon rolls and brownies and that was a fantastic gesture.”

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Go and register to attend JumpSTART and move with courage; you would obtain a greater understanding of structure and purpose for your business.”